Integrated Illness Self-Management and Recovery (I-IMR)

Based on Illness Management and Recovery, Integrated Illness Management and Recovery is an evidence-based disease self-management program for people with a diagnosis of a mental illness who are also at risk for/or managing physical health problems. The program can be delivered individually or in a group. Provider training and train-the-trainer certification is available.

Skills Training (HOPES)

Helping Ourselves Pursue and Experience Success (HOPES) is a psychosocial skills training program aimed at improving social functioning in people with a serious mental illness. HOPES can be delivered in a group format or through individually-tailored sessions targeting the person's needs.

Tobacco Dependence

Our group has initiated a number of programs targeting tobacco dependence in people with a diagnosis of a mental health condition. These interventions include group and individual formats as well as cessation and harm reduction approaches.

Telehealth and Remote Monitoring

Telehealth and Remote Monitoring is becoming an increasingly important part of our research portfolio. We have developed and are testing a number of telehealth program for people with unstable psychiatric symptoms, recent inpatient stays for psychiatric symptoms, co-morbid psychiatric/medical conditions, and smoking cessation. These programs allow the provider to get daily information about the status of the telehealth user while simultaneously providing a self-management training curriculum through the tablet/smartphone.